Section & Profiles

Section & Profiles

As the name suggests, Metal profile bars are made of only metals and due this fact, they can have different irregular shapes, with different heights and different thickness.

It can be used in engineering industry for variety of different components. This ranges from brass profile, to individually designed, customer exclusive brass sections.

We have wide range of customized sections/profiles along with customer's specifications also. So far we have developed more than 2100 different sections/profiles. We have different delivery options including the fastest possible delivery across the globe. We have professional sales team having expertise in this domain and always ready to assist with customer's specific material needs.

We serve the length as small as 1.5 feet to as large as 16 feet. We also have option to cut as per customer's specification.

Below is the shape wise and size wise range of brass rods and products available with us. These products come in a variety of dimensions and in either Matric or Imperial.

Shape: Custom
Matric (mm)
Circumscribed Dia 2.5 to 80
Imperial (Inch)
Circumscribed Dia 0.10 (3/32) to 3.15 (3 5/32)